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Ronald Jones hype train rolls on

And rightfully so.

NCAA Football: Arizona at Southern California Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

There are good and bad things that the Buccaneers have done under general manager Jason Licht. Not all his been his fault, lots has been on coaching. But very seldom should Bucs fans get really excited about something.

Enter Ronald Jones II.

With the 38th pick of the 2017 NFL Draft, Tampa Bay may have struck gold with the selection of Jones. A little over a week ago, Bucs Nation posted a piece on how Jones would have an immediate impact as a rookie to the offense. His ability to break a long run and take it to the house while punishing the opposition with his strength was broken down.

But it hasn’t stopped there. Multiple outlets are buying into the USC product and labeling him as one of the biggest selections from the draft. And now, in an even more detailed breakdown filled with GIFs of Jones’ game for you visual learners, Trevor Sikkemma dives in to what Jones brings to the Bucs in his latest Cover 3 column. He also discusses how Jones is more than just speed.

RoJo is in no way just a scat back. He’s not a “speed only” player. In fact, two of Jones’ most influential traits within his game are his ability to turn momentum into power and then pairing that with good balance, often fighting for extra yards and never wanting to go down or get off his feet, even after he has crossed into the end zone.

The play (in GIF form) that Sikema describes above in his piece is a thing of beauty. That running ability and style inside the red zone has not been seen around here in quite some time. And if it translates into the NFL, the Buccaneers are in business.

Head coach Dirk Koetter and the rest of the offensive coaching staff just have to be sure to utilize his skillset correctly.