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Daily Bucs Links: How to reach the Super Bowl

How the Bucs can make a run, and more.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers v Atlanta Falcons Photo by Daniel Shirey/Getty Images

"Take Control Of The Route" -
The Sage talking draft.

5 ways the Bucs can rally for a Super Bowl run in 2018 | Bucs Wire
Here's how the Bucs can make a trip to the playoffs in 2018. Mock Draft 3.0 -
The quarterbacks rise and the Bucs cancel their Version 2.0 trade and land another big piece to play in the trenches in our latest first-round mock

Ranking the 51 No. 1 overall picks of the common-draft era |
If you're scoring at home, the 2018 NFL Draft will be the league's 52nd since the great college marketplace was turned into a single venture. Prior to 1967, the NFL and the AFL were employing their own drafts. That lasted until bidding wars for prospects with two suitors got too pricey. Thus, we now have one prime, combined NFL draft.

NFL Draft 2018: Patriots could trade up for a QB, but it won’t be easy -
Even with extra picks, Bill Belichick would have to pull off his all-time best Jedi mind trick to get one of the top four quarterbacks.

Titans new uniforms: Jerseys unveiled in Nashville after leak -
They’re not drastically different, but it’s a new look.

Johnny Manziel says he ‘didn’t really know the X’s and O’s’ at Texas A&M -
Seems kind of important.

Brandin Cooks trade: Bill Belichick, Patriots never pay young receivers -
This is the Deion Branch trade all over again.