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Licht gets no love.

NFL: Combine Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Buccaneers general manager has done some good things. Although the team’s record does not reflect the work he has done, but he has done what a general manager is required to do.

Like every other general manager, Licht has had his misses. One thing is for sure, that after the Lovie Smith era, Licht has had a different approach to free agency and player signings.

The draft has been a big reason as to why critics have gotten on Licht’s case for why he shouldn’t be the general manager any longer. Heading into the final year of his contract, the case for extending Licht has been long debated.

Thus, NFL Media’s Greg Rosenthal ranks Licht 20th in his general manager power rankings.

Only five players on the Bucs’ roster predate Licht’s arrival in 2014. This is fully his team, one that has often looked decidedly better on paper than it has on the field. Whether that’s the fault of Licht or the coaches he’s worked with -- Lovie Smith and Dirk Koetter -- is up for debate. This offseason’s acquisitions of pass rushers Vinny Curry and Jason Pierre-Paul are prime examples of Licht’s typical sound-and-fury approach to the offseason. After watching the team go 22-42 on his watch, Licht needs to translate firepower into victories, fast.

Expectations were high last year and the team let everyone down. You’ll still find optimism when some are speaking about the upcoming season, but it’s not enough to consider that Licht’s job is safe.

As Rosenthal noted, the team’s play under Licht’s watch could be a result of bad coaching. That could very well be the case. But until the team wins, Licht will always have detractors.