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The Buccaneers begin their offseason program

Bucs players report for work.

NFL: Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Cincinnati Bengals Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

On Monday, Bucs players reported to One Buc Place. Even DeSean Jackson reported for work.

Although he stated he would still go out to California to train, he realized the importance of being with the team on Day 1.

“It was important to show face and really kind of set a standard,” said Jackson. “I talked to [Head Coach] Dirk [Koetter], I talked to my teammates and I have a routine that I usually go about training. It’s like training a Ferrari or a Bentley or whatever you want to call it. You know, I’ve had a successful rate on keeping my speed being 11 years in and still being able to run fast. So, I still want to be able to get back to California to do that. But, really just being here and it being the first day, it’s showing face and letting them know my plan moving forward. Perception is reality so as long as I’m able to get here and tell them what’s going on and not be a ‘no-show’ and just call in over the phone. I wanted to be here and be face and show.”

The veteran receiver wasn’t the only one talking about the importance of being present at the workouts on Monday. Quarterback Jameis Winston also touched on how important it was for the team to get back to work.

“I think not just with DeSean, but with everybody. Everybody getting here and being around and working together as a team,” Winston said. “One or two guys don’t make up a team, but getting everybody together, even getting a chance to see my offensive linemen with Ali [Marpet], meeting Ryan [Jensen], it’s just fun to have that team atmosphere.”

Monday was the first day of a nine-week conditioning program. Not much is allowed due to league rules so players are pretty much limited to conditioning and rehab.

To see how the team’s first day back at One Buc Place was, check out the video below.