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Write the Ship: Pondering Draft Moves

The first edition of the Bucs Nation mailbag, Write the Ship.

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We are launching a new Bucs Nation weekly mailbag titled Write the Ship as voted on by Twitter followers.

In this edition, many fans are thinking about the draft and so we address their questions below.

I think general manager Jason Licht would have to pull the trigger on selecting Bradley Chubb. You can’t have too many pass rushers and what makes Chubb that much better is that he’s also good against the run. With uncertainty surrounding Noah Spence due to injuries, that would be a good enough reason alone to draft Chubb. Also, Jason Pierre-Paul and Vinny Curry aren’t getting any younger.

That would be a huge jump down for the Bucs and a jump up the Patriots would have to agree to do. Tampa Bay’s seventh overall pick is worth 1,500 points. New England’s 23rd is worth 760, their 31st is worth 600, their 43rd is worth 470 and 63rd is 276. In theory, the Buccaneers can ask for the 23rd, 31st, and 63rd to make it a decent trade. From Tampa Bay’s perspective it looks good, not sure New England would want to do that. Plus, if Chubb and Nelson are available at No. 7 and Licht trades down, that may not go over very well with fans, media, and perhaps even the Glazer family.

This is a big season for Licht and Koetter. The front office did a good job this offseason to bring in key guys during free agency. There has to be a sense of urgency from both so they have to make sure they do not miss with their first-round selection. They have to win fast and often in 2018. With that said, they need make sure they draft a Day 1 starter.

Breeland will probably stay a free agent now until camp, or maybe even the start of the season based on the pace the free agent market has been for cornerbacks. He did fail a physical with Carolina, but before that he was reportedly talking to Green Bay. I am not sure how healthy he is although the veteran corner recently claimed he was fine. Any addition to the Bucs secondary will be a welcoming site. Breeland would instantly start for the Bucs but there have been no indicators the team has been talking to his camp.