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A hello and an introduction to Bucs Nation

Welcome to the new Bucs Nation site manager, Gil Arcia.

I grew up blocks away from Tampa Stadium. I remember attending a few games growing up, including a game where Jerry Rice destroyed the Buccaneers secondary in the early 90’s.

For me, it wasn’t about how bad the team was then. Instead, it was my love and passion that grew strong for them despite the many 5-11 records they always finished with.

As time went on, I found myself investing lots of time and energy into a professional football team that felt like they played right in my backyard as a kid (the stadium sound systems and crowds were easily heard from my house). I started telling myself to do something with that passion and build on it.

So I eventually did.

I created my own media affiliation back in 2012,, which saw many stories featured in other outlets like ESPN, CBS, and several others in the local media – some of which I wrote for as well. There have been many great relationships that have formed throughout the years and have covered many practices, press conferences, and games.

As the new site manager, I look forward to bringing that experience and that same level of commitment to Bucs Nation.