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Daily Bucs Links: Team Needs

Team needs for the NFL Draft, and more.

PlayStation Fiesta Bowl - Penn State v Washington Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

Was 2016 A Mirage? -
Did Dirk Koetter do a good job coaching?

NFC fatal flaws: Can Minnesota Vikings protect Kirk Cousins? -
Minnesota landed the offseason's biggest prize in Kirk Cousins -- what could sully this investment? Do the Eagles have a looming concern at a crucial position? Matt Harmon identifies one potentially fatal flaw for each NFC team.

Goodell: Helmet should be for protection, not a weapon -
A day after the NFL enacted a change to broaden the helmet-hit rule, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell says the focus was to make sure the helmet is "not being used as a weapon."

NFL poised to explore possible elimination of kickoffs -
We might be looking at the twilight of kickoffs in the NFL. Packers president Mark Murphy told reporters despite rule changes, the plays aren't any safer than before, according to the latest statistics.

NFL Draft 2018: What the NFL annual meeting taught us about the top 10 -
The Browns don’t appear interested in any position other than quarterback with the No. 1 pick.

NFL catch rule: What if Dez Bryant, Jesse James non-catches had counted? -
Today, these would be upheld under the NFL’s new catch rule. Instead, they all had ramifications.

Super Bowl 52: The NFL’s new catch rule isn’t the reason the Eagles won -
A report that officials were using a yet-to-be-passed catch rule in Super Bowl 52 doesn’t make much sense.

NFL trades: Browns ship Cody Kessler, best QB of last 2 years, to Jaguars -
Kessler was the team’s best quarterback of the past two seasons. That was worth a conditional seventh-rounder.