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Daily Bucs Links: JPP trade reactions

Reactions to the Jason Pierre-Paul trade, and more.

NFL: Los Angeles Rams at New York Giants TODAY Sports

Jason Pierre-Paul trade: Giants send DE to Buccaneers for draft picks -
The Bucs are getting some pass rush help.

Jason Pierre-Paul trade: NFL teams trying to draft a QB are the winners -
Buffalo and Miami weren’t involved in this trade ... but could wind up with a franchise quarterback thanks to it.

Jason Pierre-Paul trade sets stage for more New York Giants moves - New York Giants Blog- ESPN
The move to send Jason Pierre-Paul to the Buccaneers signals new GM Dave Gettleman's intention to remake the Giants' roster over the next two years.

What trading Jason Pierre-Paul means for Giants’ draft and future | New York Post
At the end of a long flight, feeling tired, muscles stiff, there is the added annoyance of trudging down to the lower concourse to collect your belongings.


Jason Pierre-Paul trade: One theory on why Giants opted to eat $15M in dead money -
This swap is brutal in the short-term for Big Blue, but it clears the room needed to re-sign Odell Beckham

Giants Trade Jason Pierre-Paul: Dave Gettleman Keeps Eye to Future |
Is Dave Gettleman planning for the future or preparing to win now? The Giants new GM has been deftly walking that line this offseason, but his latest move dealing Jason Pierre-Paul opens up a large amount of cap space for 2019.

JPP trade potentially shakes up the top of the draft – ProFootballTalk
On one hand, the Giants have been taking a close look at quarterbacks available at the top of the draft. On the other hand, they've just traded their best pass rusher to the Buccaneers, giving them a clear need at that position.