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The Crow’s Nest: Things have changed since Week 1, Tandy, and Brees watch

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Web links on the Buccaneers.

New Orleans Saints v Tampa Bay Buccaneers Photo by Al Messerschmidt/Getty Images

Was Mark Duffner Sniffing Ohio State?
Well, the rumor was out there and being spread by a reputable newspaper.

Keith Tandy Watch Is On
Dirk Koetter used to call former Schiano-man safety Keith Tandy a “glue guy,” and then Tandy was sent packing by the Bucs after this year’s training camp.

Saints quarterback Drew Brees more efficient than ever by executing short passes
Drew Brees leads the NFL with a 75.5-percent completion percentage that would be an NFL record if it holds.

Fed up with their poor play, the Bucs’ defense is fighting back
Since Week 7, new defensive coordinator Mark Duffner has the Bucs defense playing with some of the best in the NFL.

New Orleans Saints have changed significantly since season opener against Tampa Bay
A snapshot from the season opener barely would resemble the photo that will be presented Sunday.

Free tickets didn’t fill up Tampa Bay’s stadium
The Buccaneers, desperate to fill Raymond James Stadium, offered two free tickets to every season-ticket holder for last Sunday’s game against the Panthers. It didn’t work.

After Week 1 thriller, Saints and Bucs took different paths
A closer look at the teams and how each has changed since their most recent meeting 13 weeks ago.