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Slight bump in fan confidence after Bucs loss to Ravens

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A poor offensive performance hasn’t stopped the fans from supporting the Buccaneers.

New Orleans Saints v Tampa Bay Buccaneers Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images

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The Buccaneers couldn’t get their offense going last week against the Baltimore Ravens, but that didn’t stop the fans from having a little faith in the team.

The SB Nation FanPulse confidence numbers showed a 37-percent confidence rating just two weeks ago following the win against the Carolina Panthers. It was the highest it has been since Week 4 when fans were 93-percent confident as the Bucs flew to Chicago to take on the Bears. It was downhill shortly after that loss, and fans have been struggling to get that rating back up.

But as you can see below, there was a one-point jump in confidence following the loss to Baltimore. Odd, but fans may feel that the loss wasn’t as bad as many felt it was.

Despite the tiny increase, the confidence rating still sits pretty low at 14-percent. The fact that it went against the trend of confidence rating dipping following a loss shows Buccaneers fans still support their team. To some level.

Weekly FanPulse Confidence Ratings for the Bucs

Week 1 - 86%
Week 2 - 87%
Week 3 - 95%
Week 4 - 93%
Week 5 - 21%
Week 6 - 28%
Week 7 - 22%
Week 8 - 32%
Week 9 - 20%
Week 10 - 8%
Week 11 - 6%
Week 12 - 7%
Week 13 - 17%
Week 14 - 37%
Week 15 - 13%
Week 16 - 14%