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Peter King comments on possible Buccaneers coaching vacancy

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It will not be a desired position, says King

NFL: Carolina Panthers at Tampa Bay Buccaneers Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

It’s all but inevitable that when December 31st rolls around, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers will be looking for a new head coach.

Current Head coach Dirk Koetter is a dead man walking at this point, coming off two more losses, the Buccaneers 5-9 and are staring a second straight 5-11 season in the face. The team is 10-20 in it’s last 30 games under Koetter and that simply won’t cut it in this league.

On Tuesday morning, Peter King, who writes for Sports Illustrated and makes weekly appearances on Pro Football Talk, was asked about possible head coaching openings in the NFL and had the following to say regarding the topic.

“Right now, the Tampa Bay job is just south of the Cincinnati job on the “watch out what job you take” coaching line and when you talk to agents of coaches, none of them are excited about the Tampa Bay Job.”

Peter King is a very trusted source among NFL media members and knows what he is talking about, so the comments have to be taken into consideration.

Honestly, it wouldn’t shock me one bit if every bit of that statement from King is true. The Buccaneers have not made the playoffs in 11 seasons and are about to hire their fifth head coach in 10 seasons after Dirk Koetter is fired.

It isn’t an attractive destination for top candidates because when you look at a franchise like Tampa, that has gone through coaches like there is no tomorrow, that isn’t comforting. Coaching candidates want stability and it is hard to look at the Buccaneers and say they are a stable franchise right now.

Also, the franchise has many questions surrounding them. What is going to happen to General manager Jason Licht? Will Jameis Winston’s $20.9 million dollar fifth-year option be picked up? What is the plan for one of the league’s worst offensive lines? What about the aging Gerald McCoy?

Look, the Buccaneers have talent on both sides of the football, that is undeniable, but just because you have talent, that doesn’t mean you will attract a top coach on the market. There certainly are things to like about this team, but right now, more things are on the negative side then the positive and that is why the Buccaneers likely won’t attract a top candidate.