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Buccaneers vs Ravens: Day-After-Game Reactions

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Score aside, this was an ugly loss for the Buccaneers.

NFL: Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Baltimore Ravens Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

The score was 20-12 but this game never felt that close after the Ravens went ahead early. We’re going to take a different approach to this weeks Day After Game Reactions piece. Forget the segmented unit review. This team lost as a whole and we’re going to talk about them as a whole. The reaction to this one wasn’t pretty. There was very little to take away from this game when it came to positives but there were a whole lot of negatives.

Day after reactions on the positive side.

Peyton Barber started off hot and finished the day with 85 yards and the teams lone touchdown. If there’s one negative to take away from this it’s that the offensive play calling in the second half in a one score game all but forgot about Barber. Barber was the one good thing this pathetic offense had going for it on the afternoon. Barber scored in the first quarter and by mid 2nd quarter tallied 60 yards on the ground.

Defensively there were two bright spots worth spotlighting in Lavonte David who racked up 12 tackles including the teams 2 sacks on the afternoon. 2nd is Vita Vea who had a career high in tackles with 9 combined. Vea was very active along the line of scrimmage and for good reason as the Ravens ran the ball via running backs and Lamar Jackson 49 times.

The rest of the team filled the game with average to poor play... these are the reactions.

Starting up front, the offensive line was awful again. Ryan Jensen was blown up in a critical moment yet again as Brandon Williams demolished him en route to a tackle for a loss on Peyton Barber’s 3rd and 1 attempt late in the game. The line gave Winston little pocket and time to work with throughout the game and in turn it was yet another week where the offensive line and play calling combined to hinder any chance of sustainable success passing the ball.

Jameis Winston was very average in this game outside of a tremendous circus play which saw Winston perform his signature escape from the rush and deep heave downfield to Mike Evans. The play was the lone highlight from the passing game in this one. That pass aside, Winston tallied only another 93 yards on the afternoon while finishing 13 of 25. One can’t forget about an ugly underthrow that went for an interception. There’s debate as to whether Winston and his receiver were on the same page, tell me if you’ve heard that one before, or if it was truly just that poorly thrown. Regardless, it was another instance of a game where Winston did not look like a franchise savior and looked rather normal at quarterback. Normal/average are not what this franchise needs from him right now and in this ball game the offensive line and Chris Godwin did nothing to help out.

Speaking of Godwin, he may have had his worst game as a professional in this one. Godwin had a terrible drop and failed to haul in either of his other two receptions in the game. Better yet, there was not a pass play of more than 9 yards to any player not named Mike Evans in this match. Side note, kudos to Mike Evans for turning 4 receptions into 121 yards.

Coaching, game planning and adjusting with this staff appears optional.

Dirk Koetter... what are you doing? As the head coach, how do you allow the in game play calls to not reflect the ebbs and flows of the game? You’re quarterback is struggling behind a piss poor offensive line and you choose to not help out with some faster hitting routes... why? You’re unable to throw the ball all second half yet you still continue to force it and get vanilla again with the run game... why do you allow this? That’s right, how silly of me? As Dirk himself has stated numerous times this season, he doesn’t know how to fix this.

Mark Duffner, you are facing a still inexperienced quarterback yet you played soft coverage to end the 1st half as you watched Lamar freaking Jackson carve you up... why? Lamar Jackson single handedly beat this Buccaneer defense... how? The problem is the same as it always has been, this defense regardless of who coaches it simply can’t tackle the ball carrier and play disciplined. The sad part in reality is this, 20 points given up should be just fine for your offensive to out score the opponent and win. But not in Tampa Bay.

Final reaction.

It all comes back to the top where in Tampa Bay, coaching is optional. Tackling is optional. Blocking is optional. If things don’t drastically change in Tampa Bay over the near future, fandom will soon become optional for many. It’s time to make a statement. That statement needs to be holding those in charge accountable and breaking this staff apart.