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Fans back to feeling less confident in the Buccaneers

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Losing will do that to you.

Chicago Bears v Tampa Bay Buccaneers Photo by Cliff McBride/Getty Images

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The Buccaneers can’t seem to be consistent on the field which is resulting in how their fan base inconsistently feels about them.

Tampa Bay’s loss to the New Orleans Saints last week managed to take any remaining air out of the sails of fans there may have been. After winning their previous two, Bucs fans were starting to come around as they were feeling more and more confident that this team could be on to making some kind of noise as the season winds down. We now know that those good feels were short-lived.

As you can see below, losing to New Orleans was not well-received by the fan base. There is just a 13-percent confidence rating in the team after jumping up to 37-percent last week.

Heading into Week 15, the Buccaneers face a very tough defense in the Baltimore Ravens. They also face a young and electrifying quarterback in Lamar Jackson. Things don’t look good for the team. Things may also not be looking good for the little confidence the fans have left.

Weekly FanPulse Confidence Ratings for the Bucs

Week 1 - 86%
Week 2 - 87%
Week 3 - 95%
Week 4 - 93%
Week 5 - 21%
Week 6 - 28%
Week 7 - 22%
Week 8 - 32%
Week 9 - 20%
Week 10 - 8%
Week 11 - 6%
Week 12 - 7%
Week 13 - 17%
Week 14 - 37%
Week 15 - 15%