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Confidence in the Buccaneers from fans almost non-existent

It’s getting bad.

NFL: Carolina Panthers at Tampa Bay Buccaneers Reinhold Matay-USA TODAY Sports

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At this point, no one — not even the coaching staff — can figure out what’s going on with the Buccaneers. After a promising start to 2018, Tampa Bay has gone 1-5 since Week 3.


The team is in shambles. Head coach Dirk Koetter doesn’t even know what to do (again). From saying he’s unable to get his point across to the players to throwing candy to the media, Koetter has lost his damn mind and maybe even the locker room.

With so much talent on the team and not even a good record to show for it, you can’t blame the fans for their lack of confidence in the team nor their lack of support.

The graphic below shows the steady drop in fan confidence. It’s not pretty.

The confidence rating has dipped below 10-percent as it currently sits at 8-percent heading into Week 10. EIGHT! Only the Jaguars have a lower confidence rating from their fans (5-percent).

We’re reaching a legit level of sadness here, fam.

Weekly FanPulse Confidence Ratings for the Bucs

Week 1 - 86%
Week 2 - 87%
Week 3 - 95%
Week 4 - 93%
Week 5 - 21%
Week 6 - 28%
Week 7 - 22%
Week 8 - 32%
Week 9 - 20%
Week 10 - 8%

Week 10 Staff Picks

Latest line: - Buccaneers by 3, over/under: 51.5

Gil (5-3): Redskins 31, Bucs 27

James (4-4): Bucs 34, Redskins 30

Evan (3-5): Redskins 30, Bucs 28 (Evan predicts Cat will miss the game-winning field goal.)

Alex (4-4): Bucs 31, Redskins 14

Jon (4-4): Redskins 28, Bucs 24

Kyle (6-2): Redskins 38, Bucs 24

David (3-5): Bucs 34, Redskins 30

Bailey (3-5): Bucs 35, Redskins 31

Dustin (3-5): Redskins 38, Bucs 31