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Fans recent score predictions nearly mirror reality

But confidence in the Bucs takes a hit from the fans.

NFL: Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Cincinnati Bengals David Kohl-USA TODAY Sports

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If you take the pulse of the Buccaneers fan base, you’d get a lot of frustration and anger due to a 3-4 season. While it may be warranted, several predicted a .500 record and the Bucs are practically already there.

It’s not necessarily their record to be so upset towards them. OK, maybe it is. But it’s in the manner in which the team has lost. Games were kind of weird the first quarter of the season. High scores to a blowout with reality in between, Tampa Bay had it all in just four games.

In the graphic below you can see how fans have so far predicted the scores for games. Their predictions have been damn near spot on in recent weeks.

As for the confidence in the team, things have reached a low-point once again. After last week’s loss to the Bengals, Bucs fans are now 20% confident heading into this week’s matchup in Carolina.

Sad times.

Weekly FanPulse Confidence Ratings for the Bucs

Week 1 - 86%
Week 2 - 87%
Week 3 - 95%
Week 4 - 93%
Week 5 - 21%
Week 6 - 28%
Week 7 - 22%
Week 8 - 32%
Week 9 - 20%

Week 9 Staff Picks

Latest line: - Panthers by 6, over/under: 55

Gil (4-3): Panthers 33, Bucs 24

James (3-4): Panthers 36, Bucs 34

Evan (2-5): Panthers 26, Bucs 13

Alex (3-4): Panthers 28, Bucs 24

Jon (3-4): Panthers 31, Bucs 24

Kyle (5-2): Panthers 31, Bucs 24

David (2-5): Panthers 27, Bucs 21

Bailey (2-5): Panthers 35, Bucs 24

Dustin (2-5): Panthers 31, Bucs 30