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Vegas odds for Bucs, Giants

Buccaneers underdogs yet again

NFL: New York Giants at Tampa Bay Buccaneers Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

The 3-6 Tampa Bay Buccaneers will be visiting the 2-7 New York football Giants, in an NFC matchup that is largely for draft position. Both teams, have had disappointing seasons up to this point, but will look to finish off the second half of the season strong.

Tampa Bay will be on the road yet again this week and the string of slow starts on the road could creep up on them again with multiple starters out on the defensive side of the ball.

In no way am I a professional gambler and in no way am I telling you to put your money with what I predict. This is really just for fun and something we here at Bucs Nation thought the readers would enjoy after sports gambling was legalized. This is by far my favorite article to write throughout the week.

For those that don’t know sports gambling, I will quickly go over the three main bets that are often placed. Also, the lines could always change and the website you use, could be different from mine.

Betting with the spread: Currently, the Buccaneers are +2 ½ . This means that if you were to take the Buccaneers with the spread, they can lose by two points and you would still win your bet. If you take the Giants at - 2 ½ , they have to win by three points in order for you to cash. Spread bets always have the same odds, which are -110. This means that you need to risk $110 to win $100. To open the week, this spread was a pickem’, so we have seen professional gamblers bet heavy all week on the Giants. It’s hard to blame them, the Buccaneers are decimated on the defensive side of the ball

Money line bets: As of late Saturday night, the Buccaneers are +120. That means a $100 dollar bet would win you $120 dollars if the Buccaneers win outright. The Giants, are -140. You would need to risk $140 dollars to win $100.

Over/Under bets: Again, no matter what way you pick, the odds in this case are -110. Vegas sports books currently have the over under at 53 total points scored. If you take the over, the Bucs and Giants must combined to score 54 points in order for you to win. Obviously, 52 points or under would result in a win if you go that route.

Another week, another .500 record. I am currently 9-9 on the season and have yet to fall below the .500 mark at any point.

My picks: Buccaneers +2 ½ , OVER 53.