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The Crow’s Nest: LB depth chart, playing without GMC, and trade talk

Web links on the Bucs.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers v Arizona Cardinals Photo by Norm Hall/Getty Images

Bucs Revise Linebacker Depth Chart
The Tampa Bay Buccaneers’ linebacker roster has undergone a series of changes in the past two weeks.

Which players should the Bucs target at the trade deadline?
There are two players in particular who could make sense as trade targets for Tampa Bay.

Ira Kaufman Podcast: Thriving without McCoy, Mark Duffner, and Jameis frustration
The Sage of Tampa Bay sports has plenty to say in the aftermath of a wild Bucs victory.

Where’s The Kicking Specialist?
Gramatica on Line 1?

Will the trade winds blow for the Bucs?
The first cool front blew into the Tampa Bay area this week, but no trade winds are stirring.

NFL Week 7 Blunders: Dirk Koetter lucky his illegal challenge didn’t cost the Buccaneers
Let’s review some of the worst decisions from Week 7