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Confidence from the Buccaneers fan base takes another hit

The loss to the Falcons hurt.

Detroit Lions v Tampa Bay Buccaneers Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images

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Buccaneers fans are back to losing faith in the team. Rightfully so.

After Tampa Bay’s 34-29 loss in Atlanta, the Bucs fan base continues to grow in pessimism even heading into this week’s matchup against Cleveland. That’s not saying much at all.

Below is the graphic for the confidence rating which shows the small decline.

The confidence rating for Week 7 is down 6-percent as the team prepares to play the Browns this weekend. Fans ares till hurting from that Bears loss that seems to have demoralized many who are passionate about the team.

As for Browns fans, they are carrying a lot of confidence into Week 7. Despite their loss to the Chargers last week, fans of Cleveland have an 80-percent confidence rating in the team going into this weekend’s matchup against the Bucs.

Weekly FanPulse Confidence Ratings for the Bucs

Week 1 - 86%
Week 2 - 87%
Week 3 - 95%
Week 4 - 93%
Week 5 - 21%
Week 6 - 28%
Week 7 - 22%

Week 7 Staff Picks

Latest line: - Bucs by 3.5, over/under: 50.5

Gil (3-2): Browns 27, Bucs 23

James (2-3): Bucs 27, Browns 23

Evan (1-4): Browns 26, Bucs 20

Alex (2-3): Bucs 27, Browns 17

Jon (3-2): Browns 24, Bucs 17

Kyle (4-1): Bucs 31, Browns 20

David (1-4): Bucs 31, Browns 28

Bailey (1-4): Browns 31, Bucs 27

Dustin (1-4): Bucs 31, Browns 24