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Gerald McCoy wants to see Michael Bennett back in Tampa

The Bucs defensive line from 2012 could see a reunion.

NFL: Pro Bowl Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers may want to get their defensive line from 2012 back together. Defensive end Michael Bennett, who left for the Seattle Seahawks in 2013, has hinted at becoming a free agent this year—and Bucs defensive tackle Gerald McCoy would like to see them reunited.

“Mosesbread72” being Michael Bennett. Did anyone ever ask him why that’s his name?

Anyway, the Bucs could certainly use Bennett. He’s not a 10-sacks-a-year guy, but he’s consistently responsible for a lot of pass rush pressure, gets to about eight sacks a year, and can play both as defensive end and at defensive tackle. Oh, and he’s good against the run.

The Bucs’ defensive line had its best days since Simeon Rice when McCoy and Bennett were paired up, and they could rekindle that if they reunite. At the same time, Bennett will be 33 this season and is not exactly an up-and-comer anymore. The Bucs missed out on the prime of his career, and chasing him won’t get that back—but maybe more production than they have now, with the league-worst pass-rushing unit.

Of course, for any of this to happen, the Seattle Seahawks will first have to release Bennett, who’s under contract through 2020, with the Seahawks saving only $2 million by releasing him ($5.5 million if designated a post-June 1 cut). And that’s not happening yet.