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NLF Mock Draft 2018: Should the Buccaneers trade up?

If they want to secure their pass-rusher, they may need to make a move.

NCAA Football: Syracuse at North Carolina State Rob Kinnan-USA TODAY Sports

The NFL playoffs continue, but so does the 2018 NFL draft season. Mock drafts galore, of course, and over at SB Nation’s Dan Kadar has a new one up. And by ‘new’ I mean: a mock draft that makes the obvious choice of North Carolina State defensive end Bradley Chubb for the Bucs.

This would be an easy choice for the Buccaneers, and you could argue that they should attempt to trade up for Chubb. He’s one of the five best players in the draft this year and should contribute immediately as a pass rusher.

This is the obvious move. So obvious that it’s already a cliche, and a pick we’ll see over and over again over the next months. If, that is, Chubb makes it to the Bucs.

Which is where the next question comes in, the one Kadar also asks: should the Bucs maybe trade up for Chubb, and ensure that they get the best pass-rusher in the NFL? The pros are obvious, as they’ll make sure they’ll get the guy they want. So are the cons: they’ll give up a lot for a player who has a good chance of busting, thinning the young depth they’ll assemble, too.

Me, I’ll say no. The Bucs do desperately need a pass rush, but one player isn’t going to be the solution there, especially not a rookie. They’d be better off assembling a quality rotation, with Chubb hopefully part of it—but he’s not the only pass-rusher the Bucs can draft, or add through other means in this year’s draft.