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The Chargers sign Roberto Aguayo, while the Bucs need competition

Patrick Murray’s kickoffs need some work, too.

NFL: AUG 11 Preseason - Buccaneers at Bengals Photo by Ian Johnson/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Roberto Aguayo has found a new home: the Los Angeles Chargers, who signed the former second-round pick today, giving the kicker a fresh start after a pretty disastrous tenure in Tampa.

Kickers and the Chargers always make me think of Nate Kaeding, who managed to miss three field goals in increasingly embarrassing fashion in what turned out to be a 14-17 loss. To the New York Jets. Who had rookie Mark Sanchez at quarterback. Yeaaaaaaaaah.

Anyway, the point is, the Chargers are now stuck with Aguayo this offseason. And the Bucs are stuck with Patrick Murray. Who also isn’t the best kicker around. He was pretty accurate this season, hitting 83% of his kicks and missing one out of 22 extra point, but he’s no good at kickoffs—so no good that even Dirk Koetter talk about it in his year-end press conference.

That’s an issue, and part of the reason why the Bucs gave up two kickoff returns for touchdowns in the final couple of games. Short kickoffs with little hangtime leave your coverage team exposed, and that’s a much greater sin than missing a kick now and then. Every kicker does the latter, but most are pretty good at kicking the ball deep.

That’s something for Murray to work on this offseason. It’s also reason for the Bucs to bring in competition for Murray. Maybe this time they’ll find someone who’s both accurate and has a strong leg. All those other teams seem to be able to do it. Well, except for the Chargers.