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Jameis Winston’s league MVP odds are soaring

Apparently Las Vegas liked what it saw on Hard Knocks.

NFL: Cleveland Browns at Tampa Bay Buccaneers Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers are pretty happy with their current quarterback, and so is Las Vegas. The odds for Jameis Winston winning league MVP this year jumped from 66/1 to 16/1—he’s now tied with Russell Wilson and Le’Veon Bell as the fifth-most likely player to win the award, per the latest numbers from Bovada.

It’s hard to imagine Winston actually winning, though. He was pretty good last year, but most third-party rankings had him around number 15—which seems about right. He should be better this year, but he won’t jump all the way into the top three unless a miracle happens. And without a top three rankings, it’s really hard to see him actually competing for an MVP spot.

Never say never, though. Winston certainly looked much more accurate this preseason, though with a few too many interceptable throws still. If he can carry that into the regular season and continue to be productive in the red zone, he may have a good shot--especially if the Bucs start winning, too.

Incidentally, bettors are pretty confident the Bucs will win, too. They get a respectable 33/1 odds to win the Super Bowl, and 16/1 to win the NFC, and somewhat disappointing 7/2 odds to win the NFC South.