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Stick Carriers are invigorating the Bucs fanbase

They’re loud, and they showed up in force today.

NFL: Carolina Panthers at Tampa Bay Buccaneers Jonathan Dyer-USA TODAY Sports

For the past eight months, a group of Tampa Bay Buccaneers fans has been building a Stick Carrier movement. Informally started by JoeBucsFan’s Justin Pawlowski, the name refers to a locker-room speech head coach Dirk Koetter gave toward the end of last season, when he shouted “speak softly and carry a big motherf***ing stick!”

That movement’s been building slowly but surely, and today, those fans were out in force. And I mean a lot of force. Take a look.

Now that’s impressive. I’m also sure this’ll look great for the Hard Knocks cameras.

You could already tell that there’s more excitement the last few years, and the stadium’s gotten a lot louder already. If the Stick Carriers can push the Bucs fanbase to get more passionate, and to get a little louder in the stadium when the other team has the ball, the Bucs could finally have that old home-field advantage back. The advantage we haven’t seen in nearly a decade—which is exactly how long we’ve been missing playoff football in Tampa.

Time for things to change.