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Watch O.J. Howard fool Brent Grimes with a double move

Howard looks very promising so far.

NFL: Tampa Bay Buccaneers-Minicamp Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Rookies are always hard to predict. Some of them adjust quickly, others take a few years to get going, and some never really make it. That’s true even for highly-touted, supposedly-can’t-miss first-round picks—like O.J. Howard.

Early results suggest the Tampa Bay Buccaneers don’t have to worry much about Howard’s adjustment to the NFL. He’s done well in training camp and the rest of the offseason by all accounts.

In fact, the first-round pick has even embarrassed a few veterans now and then. Which is exactly what he did to Brent Grimes today, beating him on a double move down the field—not something you’ll ordinarily see from a rookie tight end against a veteran cornerback. Pewter Report caught the whole thing on video.

Obviously this isn’t full-speed, no speed is until the actual regular season games start, but it’s pretty cool still—and a good indication that Howard has the skills to make a big impact this season.

One final reason why this is noteworthy: Grimes is an outside cornerback. Howard going against him suggests we’ll see Howard split out wide a few times this season—an interesting (and demanding!) twist to the Bucs’ offense.