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Three key moments from Hard Knocks episode three

The Bucs had a nice mix of serious and silly on their third episode.

NFL: Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Jacksonville Jaguars Reinhold Matay-USA TODAY Sports

Hard Knocks with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers continued last night, and there was plenty to talk about. Jameis Winston had some nice speeches and leadership moments, and the joint training camp practices with the Jacksonville Jaguars got some playing time, too.

Here are three moments (and a bonus) that stood out for me last night.

Undrafted rookies put themselves through a lot

We saw Maurice Fleming play through an injury in the team’s second preseason game. It led to him getting beat deep twice in the fourth quarter, which just goes to show that injuries can have a big, hidden impact on any player’s quality of play.

Fleming’s decision to play through an injury may have endeared him to the coaches, but it didn’t really help him: the Bucs cut him the next day when they found out he would be out for training camp. The NFL’s a rough place to be, though the Bucs may re-sign him once he’s healthy.

Doug Martin’s chilling, but serious

That’s a great shot of Doug Martin, but he also talked about having to act like a veteran following his drug rehab. Seems he wasn’t doing that before? So far this preseason and offseason Martin has looked good, at least.

Other off-field highlights: Ali Marpet playing a ukelele under a palm tree, and Gerald McCoy getting food trucks for the team, which had Chris Baker reacting like eh....this.

Dirk Koetter does not like terrible throws

Jameis Winston had two awful decisions in an otherwise very good game against the Jacksonville Jaguars, and head coach Dirk Koetter was not happy with this ridiculous ‘pass’ in particular.

Lots and lots and lots of cursing resulted from that throw. Koetter getting on Winston about his turnover-proneness has been a bit of a recurring theme this Hard Knocks.

Bonus: Donteea Dye figuring out how solar eclipses work