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Aguayo knew, and four other things we learned from Hard Knocks episode two

The highlights from the second episode of Hard Knocks with the Buccaneers.

NFL: Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Cincinnati Bengals Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

Hard Knocks continued yesterday night, as the Tampa Bay Buccaneers got their second episode of behind-the-scenes stuff in 2017.

Everyone was voyeuristically anticipating Roberto Aguayo getting cut, which happened—and it seems like Aguayo himself was anticipating it too. Which makes sense, given that he’s being brought into the coach’s office after a disastrous game and a generally disastrous career.

One interesting note here: Dirk Koetter said that he thinks Nick Folk is their guy. The Bucs brought in a kicker, but given Zack Hocker’s history he doesn’t really look like legit competition for Folk.

Jameis Winston was not amused

While the starting offensive line did a pretty good job, the backups really struggled—and even got backup quarterback Ryan Griffin injured. When that happened Winston was not amused with his backup linemen, especially given the fact that they were laughing on the sidelines.

"I'm happy y'all are having fun, but Ryan just hurt his shoulder. So keep having fun,'' the Tampa Bay Times quotes Winston as saying.

Winston had a few good moments this episode, and it’s obvious that he’s the real leader on offense—in case that wasn’t already obvious to anyone.

Gerald McCoy really, really loves superheroes

We got extended looks at Gerald McCoy’s superhero obsession in the form of sneakers, socks and apparently, a life-size Batman statue in his home.

That wasn’t the only funny moment in this episode. Evan Smith to Ryan Fitzpatrick: “How was playing against Bart Starr?” Owtch.

Coaches aren’t happy with everyone

Aside from Roberto Aguayo, a few other players got dinged in this episode. We saw defensive coordinator Mike Smith criticizing linebackers Devante Bond and Kendell Beckwith during the game—which fits with what we saw on the field.

Other players who should watch out: all three backup quarterbacks. Dirk Koetter is not amused, though the Bucs don’t really have that many external options if they want to replace Ryan Fitzpatrick.

Brent Grimes shin cut looked gnarly

Dirk Koetter said you could “see the white” on Brent Grimes’ shin. The veteran cornerback got a cut to his shin that could keep him out for all of the preseason, and it was not a pretty sight.

In other news, Miko Grimes also made an appearance, and that was fun.