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Watch Vernon Hargreaves’ gorgeous interception

The Bucs cornerback is off to a good start.

NFL: Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Cincinnati Bengals Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

Vernon Hargreaves had a pretty mediocre rookie year—lots of targets, lots of safe performances, only one interception and only flashes of really good play.

So the Tampa Bay Buccaneers have to be happy to see him off to a very different start in preseason. Look at this gorgeous interception.

This is a perfect play, and great hands to turn that play into an interception instead of just a pass breakup.

Hargreaves looked pretty good in the two series he got as a starter and number one cornerback, as Brent Grimes is out with a nasty cut to his shin. And the Bucs will need Hargreaves to play well this year to compensate for what’s likely to be mediocre safety play.

So far so good, at least. And if Hargreaves can keep producing plays like this, the Bucs will have secured the future at cornerback, too.