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Watch Jameis Winston play bubble soccer, praise Gerald McCoy

Apparently McCoy has never said a curse word in his entire life.

NFL: Tampa Bay Buccaneers-Minicamp Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Jameis Winston was out doing some community work today at a prep school leadership conference in Tampa, and Greg Auman of the Tampa Bay Times was there to film him as he played some bubble soccer. Cool cool cool.

Jameis Winston wasn’t just there to kick a ball, he also gave a really long speech to the students there. He’s a pretty good motivational speaker, as long as he stays away from the sexism, and we can catch a glimpse of that when he eh....talks about his admiration of Gerald McCoy.

“One of the greatest men I know in my life. Big man. He’s in the league. He’s the highest-paid man on our team,” Winston said. “How many people in here have ever said a curse word? [..] Let me define different: Gerald McCoy has never said a curse word in his entire life. He has never said a cuss word.”

Winston also said a few things about McCoy loving superheroes. I guess this shows that NFL players can be strait-laced and have nerdy interests while still being really good at their jobs?

Though undoubtedly some grumps will see McCoy’s non-cursiness as evidence that he’s no good at his job, a narrative that never seems to die no matter how well McCoy does.

Still, nice to see Winston out in the community. He’s done community work throughout his career, but we generally don’t get much video footage of his talks.