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Jameis Winston wants to be the greatest of all time

The Bucs quarterback has lofty goals for himself.

NFL: Tampa Bay Buccaneers-Minicamp Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers drafted Jameis Winston first overall in 2015 because they think he can be great. So far, Winston’s on a trajectory to get there, but he hasn’t made it yet—his first two years have been good, but not quite at the level where he and the Bucs eventually want him to be.

Winston’s well aware of that and talking to NFL Network yesterday, he set some really high standards for himself.

“Ultimately I want to be the greatest of all time, one day. That has to be your goal. People always say ‘that’ll never happen’ but I don’t know that’ll never happen until I’m done. So I’m going to do anything that I can to be great.”

Lofty goals, but at least he’s aware of the problem here: it’s not exactly likely. It’s not clear who the greatest quarterback of all time is right now—Peyton Manning, Tom Brady, John Elway, Steve Young, Johnny Unitas and Joe Montana are all realistic candidates—but we do know that it’s a long journey to even getting in the conversation.

Another good thing is that Winston knows how he wants to get there: by getting better one step at a time. Every season he wants to play better than the last, is what he said, which is both realistic and a good way to reach those highs.

Let’s start with small things, though. A little better accuracy, especially on deep balls, and a little less carelessness with the football will go a long way toward a successful third season for the Bucs quarterback.