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Da’Quan Bowers calls Jason Licht a “piece of ****”

Those are some harsh words for the Bucs general manager. This came out of nowhere. Da’Quan Bowers is apparently very much not happy with Tampa Bay Buccaneers general manager. Bowers called Jason Licht a “piece of ***” on Twitter today, saying that the general manager “don’t even respect the players on his roster now.... ask them if he will even look them in the eyes”

Those are some strong words, though it’s no surprise there’s some harsh feelings between Bowers and Licht. The latter declined to give the former a new contract in 2015, then re-signed during training camp but didn’t make the roster. Licht then re-signed him late in the 2015 season, before letting him go in 2016, again.

Not a happy chain of events for a player who at one point looked like he was going to be a top-five draft pick. Instead a knee injury caused him to drop, and his career was at best lackluster from there—in part due to more knee injuries. Bowers sometimes flashed some talent, but never really developed into any kind of consistent player.

Another point to make: there’s always going to be players who hate their coach and/or general manager and/or fellow players. No one gets along with everyone—the problem isn’t whether players like or respect Licht, nor whether he likes or respects them. It’s whether he does his job well. And so far, Licht has done a pretty good job.