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Jameis Winston wore a knee brace and it’s nothing to worry about

The Bucs’ quarterback wore one as a precaution.

NFL: Tampa Bay Buccaneers-Training Camp Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Jameis Winston was spotted by many, many people wearing a knee brace today. To stifle some concern among Tampa Bay Buccaneers fans: this was just a precaution, there’s no need to worry.

That’s what Dirk Koetter said after day two of training camp, what reporter Roy Cummings said during practice, what Scott Smith of the Buccaneers’ official website said during practice, and what common sense dictates. After all, if there were concerns about Winston’s knee, they wouldn’t be trotting him out there for a no-contact practice in July.

Knee braces are indeed very common, though you often can’t tell whether quarterbacks are wearing one in games, because there’s this thing called a ‘uniform’ covering them. They help prevent knee injuries, basically.

So don’t worry, Jameis Winston is just fine, and threw a couple of beautiful passes to (among others) DeSean Jackson in practice to confirm that. Speaking of DeSean Jackson: we should be really excited about him, judging by early training camp returns.