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MMQB snubs Jameis Winston and Mike Evans on top 400 list

Apparently Mike Evans and Jameis Winston aren’t even top 100 players.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers v Carolina Panthers Photo by Grant Halverson/Getty Images

For some obscure reason, Andy Benoit of The MMQB decided to rank the top 400 NFL players. I have no clue why they did that, nor why they think that would be a productive thing to do, but they did it. So there’s that.

In any case, now that that ranking is out there you know we have to talk about it. So let’s start with one positive and one negative, before complaining mostly about the negative.

Positive: at 16 players the Bucs outperform the average of 12.5. Cool.

Negative: Gerald McCoy is the team’s highest-ranked player at number 49.

That’s eh....confusing. How is Mike Evans not ranked in the top 50, for instance. And in what world is Jameis Winston just the 167th player in the NFL? Why is Brent Grimes so low?

On the flip side, at least he recognizes Noah Spence’s potential and the fact that Donovan Smith isn’t nearly as bad as, say, PFF makes him out to be. I guess that’s good.

In any case, behold this somewhat confusing list and then complain about it.

49 Gerald McCoy

70 Mike Evans

132 DeSean Jackson

164 Jameis Winston

167 Brent Grimes

207 Lavonte David

210 Cameron Brate

217 Kwon Alexander

218 Vernon Hargreaves

234 Ali Marpet

252 Robert Ayers

277 Chris Baker

289 Demar Dotson

321 Noah Spence

334 Donovan Smith

342 William Gholston