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Another playoffs prediction for the Buccaneers

10-6 seems eminently realistic.

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MLB: Texas Rangers at Tampa Bay Rays Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Another day, another season projection, another positive prediction for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. This time, USA Today’s Nate Davis predicts the Bucs will win a wild card playoff sport by going 10-6 this season.

They seem poised to make their first playoff appearance in a decade after diversifying a lopsided offense with WR DeSean Jackson and rookie TE O.J. Howard. RB Doug Martin is apparently recharged, too, though he remains suspended for three games. They'll see Falcons twice and Packers once during Weeks 12-15.

Sounds good to me. 10-6, playoffs, and then anything can happen. The Bucs should know that from the last time they made the playoffs—they immediately lost to an underrated New York Giants team that went on to win the supposedly unbeatable New England Patriots.

Speaking of the Patriots, Davis also predicts they’ll go 16-0. Eh....yeah. Maybe we shouldn’t take his predictions that seriously? I don’t know, 10-6 for the Bucs still seems realistic to me.

Let’s see them get through training camp first, though. Especially with HBO filming everything.