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15 days until the Buccaneers show up on Hard Knocks

The latest promo video gets me hyped up.

HBO is really good at promoting their work. Which is why they keep sending me links to their Hard Knocks promo videos, what with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers being the subject of that show this year.

I’d make some snarky remarks about this stuff but honestly, these promos get me hyped up for Bucs football so they’re worth sharing. And we’re obviously all going to be watching this show, so you know, why not watch the promos too?

So watch it and get hyped up! Bucs training camp starts this week with rookies reporting tomorrow and veterans two days later on Thursday. That’s when HBO starts filming, too, and when they start following the travails of mostly rookies, but some veterans as they try to make the team. It should be fascinating.