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Yet another Buccaneers Hard Knocks teaser trailer hits

That looks like Gerald McCoy.

Hey, did you know the Tampa Bay Buccaneers are on Hard Knocks this year? No? How did you not? HBO can’t stop releasing teasers, and we keep hearing about it. Everywhere. It’s a little overwhelming.

Oh, yeah, so—new teaser trailer. You can watch it up there. It features someone who looks an awful lot like Gerald McCoy running out of the tunnel at Raymond James Stadium. Even though the vast majority of Hard Knocks won’t actually be filmed at the stadium, as it focuses on, y’know, training camp.

Okay that’s enough cynicism. These teasers are annoying because I want the real thing. Training camp with the Bucs should be awesome. Jameis Winston, DeSean Jackson, Mike Evans, Gerald McCoy, Kwon Alexander and a whole lot of rookies whose excruciating paths toward inevitably getting cut will be chronicled cruelly and voyeuristically—it’s great! Can’t wait!