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Daily Bucs Links: The underrated Warrick Dunn

On Warrick Dunn, and more.

VISA Financial Football Super Bowl Photo by J. Meric/Getty Images for VISA

Kirk Cousins says all the right things even after Washington tried to throw him under the bus -
As the dust settles after the franchise tag deadline, Cousins looks like the good guy in this scenario.

Kirk Cousins says ‘1-year deals are the best option’ in the NFL. Does he have a point? -
Most players opt for long-term security. Kirk Cousins doesn’t think it’s worth it.

Washington tried to go cheap on Kirk Cousins, and it's going to cost them -
Kirk Cousins is going to make a lot of money in 2018, and Washington may be looking for a quarterback after botching things with him.

Fantasy Focus: Doug Martin
Buccaneer fans who want Martin on their teams in 2017 likely won't have to spend a high pick to make it happen…but therein lies the opportunity.

One Dozen Debates: Red Zone Improvement
Head Coach Dirk Koetter has raised the bar for his offense in the red zone, and meeting the mark could greatly improve the team's scoring output.

Warrick Dunn - Most Underrated RB of All-Time?
Warrick Dunn is one of the most accomplished rushers in Buccaneer history. But is he underrated?

Cover 3: Insider Guide For Bucs 2017 Fantasy Football Season | Pewter Report
With training camp almost here, Trevor Sikkema of Pewter gives you the insider run down on the Bucs fantasy football outlook for 2017.

Tickets for Bucs-Patriots game in high demand | Tampa Bay Times
It's still likely another week or so until the Bucs put individual game tickets on sale for the upcoming season, but there's significant demand for the New England Patriots' first game in Tampa in 20 years.