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Jersey-buyers know O.J. Howard’s value better than NFL executives

Howard wasn’t a top-ten pick, but he’s in the top ten in jersey sales.

NFL: Tampa Bay Buccaneers-Minicamp Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Did you know that when you run a blog about a sports team you get a ton of marketing e-mails? It’s eh.....boring. Sometimes they’re fun, though, like when Dick’s Sporting Goods mails you their jersey rankings to tell you that your first-round pick holds the #9 top-selling jersey among rookies.

Their jersey selling stats are here, and they’re kind of interesting. Jameis Winston is ranked 38th right now—not great, not terrible either. Kind of eh-eh. Mike Evans 80th, which is only three spots ahead of O.J. Howard, surprisingly. No one likes Evans after his stellar third season? Weird.

Howard was widely seen as a top ten pick and one of the major steals of the draft. Weirdly enough, he fell to the Bucs at number 19—who were, of course, ecstatic. And now he’s finally in a top ten. So I guess the folks buying the jerseys know his value better than all those NFL executives.