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The Panthers just fired their general manager

No more Dave Gettleman.

NFL: Carolina Panthers-Training Camp Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

The Carolina Panthers just fired their general manager Dave Gettleman.

In the middle of July.

Months after he put together a roster for the upcoming season, and far too late for anyone to correct whatever mistakes they think he made.


The Panthers aren’t the first team to fire their general manager months after he could make significant changes to the roster: the Kansas City Chiefs decided last month that John Dorsey had to go. I guess that started a trend?

I don’t get why, though. Gettleman built the roster that got the Panthers to the Super Bowl two years ago. Sure, he also oversaw last year’s significantly less successful roster, and the way he got rid of Josh Norman last year was confusing, to say the least (Ian Rapoport suggests that may have something do with this move) but eh...overall, he did a pretty good job? I think?

Well, whatever. The Panthers front office is now in shambles and whoever they hire is not going to be able to bring in his own people until January at the very earliest. Good luck with that, Carolina!

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