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Pete Prisco names three Buccaneers to Top 100 list

No Lavonte David or Jameis Winston, though.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers v New Orleans Saints Photo by Sean Gardner/Getty Images

Another day, another top 100 list. This time it’s CBS Sports’ Pete Prisco’s turn, who puts out one of these lists every year so that everyone can get all upset and/or proud about players he didn’t or did mention.

This year, Prisco named three Tampa Bay Buccaneers to his top 100 list: Mike Evans at number #32, Gerald McCoy at #45 and Brent Grimes at #77. All of those spots are pretty well-deserved, I’d say, and you could argue Grimes should be higher: he had four interceptions and led the NFL in passes defensed.

Interestingly (and absurdly), Prisco mentions Noah Spence as an honorable mention. I like what Spence showed as the year went on and he showed a lot of potential, but he was in no way, shape or form a top 100 NFL player. He showed flashes of quality play and made an impact—but a top 100 player? No. Not even close.

On the other hand, Prisco did not list Jameis Winston, who was number 57 on NFL Network’s Top 100 list. Prisco names ten quarterbacks to his top 100 list, and names another two to his list of just missed players, so this is not much of a snub: Winston played more or less like an average NFL quarterback last year. It’d be nice to see him on the list next year, though—when he should earn that distinction.

One player who did get snubbed: Lavonte David. Sure, he didn’t play his best to start the season—but he quickly recovered, was an integral part of the defense, and put up as many splash as he has in years: one interception (returned for a touchdown), three passes defensed, four forced fumbles, two fumbles recovered, and five sacks. That warrants a spot on any top 100 list.