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Dirk Koetter gets snubbed in head coaching rankings

The Bucs coach hasn’t convinced that many people yet.

NFL: Tampa Bay Buccaneers-Minicamp Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Rankings, rankings, rankings. That’s the stuff the dead period of the offseason is made of. Today in rankings rankings rankings: head coaches.’s Elliot Harrison ranks him number 22 in the NFL. A little disappointing.

Koetter seemingly deserves better than a double deuce, given that he darn near pushed Tampa to the playoffs in 2016. But he has only one year as an NFL head coach under his belt, so it's difficult to place him higher among the more experienced. Here's what we do know: Koetter's influence on Jameis Winston manifested itself even more so in the franchise quarterback's sophomore season, with the former offensive coordinator in the top job. Koetter has gotten the players to buy in, and with the young defense bound to get better, there is no reason Tampa Bay can't be playing meaningful football in January.

Okay okay, that’s a fair reasoning, I guess. But let’s look at some of the head coaches ahead of him: Jay Gruden, who has more losses than wins. Chuck Pagano, who in five years in charge has not been able to put together a competent defense despite being a defensive coach. John Fox, who’s just so....boring. Mike Zimmer, who’s done okay with the Minnesota Vikings but hasn’t been a revelation. Sean Payton, who’s been terrible for years on end.

Should Koetter not have been a little higher up, here? I mean, I get that one year of decent performance isn’t that much to go on, but some of those coaches have had some terrible years along with their good ones, too.

I guess Koetter’s just going to have to prove he’s better than 22nd.