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Three Buccaneers join the NFLPA Rookie Premiere

With 40 players there, the Bucs are well-represented.

CFP National Championship Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers will have three draft picks representing them at this week’s NFLPA Rookie Premiere, the annual players association event that acts as a sort of promo for rookies and usually results in some fun footage and interviews, with trading cards being the highlight of the three days.

First-round pick O.J. Howard, third-round pick Chris Godwin and fifth-round pick Jeremy McNichols will all be there. There’s only 40 players at the event, so the Bucs having three there is pretty cool. It’s probably not a coincidence that all three are offensive players, what with marketing considerations and all.

The event will run from Thursday, May 18 through Saturday, May 20.

The main thing for Bucs fans, other than some interviews that are undoubtedly going to be conducted there, will be getting pictures of these rookies in their uniforms and gear for the first time. That’ll be nice to see, and will gear up the excitement a little for their actual premiere in August.