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NFL Draft 2017: Watch O.J. Howard’s origin story at tiny Atauga Academy

Somehow, Alabama found this star at Atauga Academy—and the Bucs couldn’t be happier.

Virginia Tech v Alabama

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers drafted a steal in the first round of the 2017 NFL draft: Alabama tight end O.J. Howard, who was widely expected to be a top ten pick before falling to the Bucs at number 19.

Howard represents a steal on the field, but he’s terrific off the field as well. “He’s a great kid,” general manager Jason Licht said after drafting Howard. “He’s one of the top character kids on the board, if not the top. So, for multiple reasons, we’re beyond excited.”

That off-the-field excellence comes back in his origin story, having gone to tiny Atauga Academy in Prattville, Alabama and somehow still being recruited by Alabama. SB Nation made an awesome video feature on his background.

So yeah, that’s the Bucs’ latest addition. Awesome, right? Are you excited yet?