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Buccaneers will be on Hard Knocks 2017

The Bucs have been linked to HBO’s show for months.

Buccaneers v Redskins Photo by Doug Pensinger/Getty Images

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers will be on HBO’s Hard Knocks this year, and they’re set to announce it tomorrow at 1 p.m. ET. That’s according to beat writer Roy Cummings. The Bucs announced a ‘major’ press conference for tomorrow, which is presumably this.

Hard Knocks is a reality show that tracks one NFL team through training camp every year. It’s a pretty major disruption of standard operating procedure for any NFL team, but also brings with it a lot of publicity. Which is a good thing for the franchise, not necessarily a good thing for their on-field performance. Five out of eleven teams that have been featured on Hard Knocks have gone on to make the playoffs that year.

At least this year’s show should be entertaining. The Bucs have a few big personalities on the team, including Jameis Winston and DeSean Jackson, as well as the usual training camp competition storylines.

The Bucs have been rumored to be this year’s Hard Knocks selection for months, and it makes a lot of sense. Both general manager Jason Licht as well as head coach Dirk Koetter have made a bunch of positive noises about their potentially being selected for the show, presumably with the knowledge that they’re likely to be selected.