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Buccaneers announce further stadium, locker room renovations

After some major renovations last year, the Bucs continue to improve their stadium.

Carolina Panthers v Tampa Bay Buccaneers Photo by Brian Blanco/Getty Images

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers have announced further renovations to Raymond James Stadium, including an expanded West Club area and a bigger, 18,700 square foot home locker room (the away teams apparently get shafted).

The Bucs renovated Raymond James Stadium last year in preparation for this year’s national college football title game, which they hosted. Those renovations most notably included six massive video boards to replace their badly aged ones. These are slightly more modest.

Mostly, the Bucs talked about wanting to host more events in the West Club area, and suggested that these improvements would help them land a Super Bowl in the future, but it’s hard to see that happening any time soon given all the shiny new stadiums popping up all around the NFL.

The Bucs will also finally open their own team store in the stadium, a 10,000 square foot location in the West Atrium that will be open year-round. It’s slightly absurd that they hadn’t done that yet, but here we are.

You can head over to the Bucs’ website for a quick sneak peek in the form of some digital renderings.