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Daily Bucs Links: Free agency starts today

Here's your open thread for today.

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Tyrod Taylor staying with the Bills makes the most sense for both sides -
Taylor is risk-averse with the football in his hands, but he doesn't put your team in bad situations.

Adrian Peterson and his dad hinted at these 9 teams, so we ranked them by possibility -
Some of these are more realistic than others.

NFL quarterback dominoes are falling before free agency even starts -
The pending release of Tony Romo and the Bills’ decision to retain Tyrod Taylor help clarify things.

Tony Romo will be released by Cowboys. Where will he play next? -
Romo is now clear to sign with whichever quarterback-needy team he deems fit.

Dwayne Allen gets traded from Colts to Patriots -
The Pats have a new tight end.

The Buffalo Bills can now play a 740-pound backfield with just a QB, RB, and FB -
With just a QB, RB, and FB.

40 takeaways from the NFL Combine -
Don’t overreact on Leonard Fournette, how the quarterbacks rate, and more to close out the combine.

5 NFL teams that can’t seem to find a franchise quarterback -
Maybe this will be the year these teams finally figure it out at quarterback.

Brandon Marshall signs with the Giants, and Odell Beckham Jr. should be thrilled -
The veteran receiver will stay in New York, just with a different team.

Headlines: What to do in Free Agency?
A sampling of media reports on the Buccaneers today.

Buccaneers Mock Draft Roundup, 7.0
NFL Draft analysts weigh in on the Buccaneers' No. 19 pick.

2017 Alabama Pro Day Recap: O.J. Howard To Meet With Bucs In Tampa | Pewter Report

UPDATED: SR's Inside Scoop On Bucs Free Agency | Pewter Report's Scott Reynolds has the latest inside scoop on Bucs free agency and Tampa Bay's interest in DeSean Jackson in this report.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers make the most sense of DeSean Jackson's suitors
Tampa Bay has the cap space to make a deal with veteran receiver DeSean Jackson. But can the Bucs afford to pay him and still compensate Mike Evans?

Backstreet Boy and Bucs fan Nick Carter wants DeSean Jackson to quit playing games with his heart | Tampa Bay Times
Backstreet Boys singer/songwriter Nick Carter is an unabashed Bucs fan. Always has been since his days of growing up in central Florida.

Bucs watching Joe Mixon's pro day, but not all his film is good | Tampa Bay Times
Joe Mixon has his pro day workout at Oklahoma today. His game film would suggest he’s one of the best running backs eligible for the NFL draft. But another video has prompted some teams to not even consider him.

NFL free agency signings start Thursday; expect Bucs to lose Mike Glennon | Tampa Bay Times
TAMPA — It's amazing what playing in only one game in the past two seasons has done for Mike Glennon's career.