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2017 NFL Free Agency: Buccaneers interested in Calais Campbell and others

New Orleans Saints v Arizona Cardinals Photo by Norm Hall/Getty Images

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers will attack the NFL free agency market in a couple of days, if reports can be believed. After linking the Bucs to DeSean Jackson earlier today, CBS Sports’ Jason LaCanfora is now reporting the team will also pursue Calais Campbell.

And the Buccaneers are inclined to keep pushing to get in the postseason. Cardinals defensive lineman Calais Campbell and Redskins receiver DeSean Jackson are just two of the players they are interested in.

This would actually make a lot of sense, given the Bucs’ recent pattern of pursuing older veterans with a history of quality play, and a price tag that’s not likely to break the bank.

Campbell has been a mainstay on Arizona’s defensive line for years on end, and while he isn’t overly flashy, he’s a dominant player in his own right, particularly as a run defender. He’s averaged some 7 sacks per season over the past half-decade, which is pretty good for a 3-4 defensive end/tackle hybrid player.

Campbell would also fit Mike Smith’s defense a little better, as Smith likes to toy around with 3-4 alignments and has a preference for bigger defensive linemen. Campbell also has the versatility to potentially play all over the defensive line, which gives the team some flexibility — another thing they love out of their defensive linemen.

If the Bucs do pursue Campbell, the 30-year-old will likely cost somewhere between $7 million and $10 million per year. That’s a number the Bucs could easily afford, and it would give them a short-term quality and depth boost at a crucial position.