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The Buccaneers have to decide on Lavonte David tomorrow

Carolina Panthers v Tampa Bay Buccaneers Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images

Do you want to fully guarantee Lavonte David’s $6 million base salary for 2017? Yes? Good. That’s what will happen tomorrow, unless the Tampa Bay Buccaneers decide to cut him.

Joel Corry put together a list of key offseason dates, and David’s salary guarantee is one of them. Those kinds of clauses are fairly standard in big contracts, and David has certainly played well enough to warrant the Bucs hanging on to him. In fact, I’d argue that $6 million is significantly underpaying him.

Decisions other teams are set to make are a little more intriguing, because they might push one or two players into free agency. See, for instance, Larry Fitzgerald’s $11 million salary becoming guaranteed on Friday, as well as $3 million of Julius Thomas’ salary.

Also useful to know: the franchise tag period (when teams can tag their impending free agents) starts on February 15, and rolls through March 1. The league year, and also free agency, start on March 8. And the draft will happen from April 27 through April 29.