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Super Bowl 52 Odds: Buccaneers have a realistic chance

Carolina Panthers v Tampa Bay Buccaneers Photo by Brian Blanco/Getty Images

Super Bowl LI is over, and we move on to Super Bowl LII — the stated goal of every NFL team, though most will have slightly different internal goals. Can’t say publicly that you’re not shooting for the ultimate prize, though, even if you’re the Cleveland Browns. Who knows what might happen?

(the Browns are not going to win Super Bowl LII)

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers will want to go for that Super Bowl, and the latest Super Bowl odds give them a realistic shot: 40/1 odds, according to, and 33/1 according to Bovada. This makes the Bucs tied for 15th or 14th in the NFL, with the Houston Texans and the Arizona Cardinals as the respective tied-with teams.

Those are decent, middle-of-the-road odds. The kinds of odds you’ll get if you’re a playoff competitor, but not a favorite to get in, let alone make it to the Super Bowl. Those odds aren’t overly hopeful, but they’re much better than anything the Bucs got in recent years. Not surprising, given that 2016 was their first winning season in six years.

The Bucs have some work to do if they want to get there. They need to add some receiving talent for Jameis Winston, perhaps shore up the offensive line, and add some safety help as well. The next few months will determine if the Bucs have the quality to get to the Super Bowl — the final months of the year will determine whether they’re lucky enough.