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Daily Bucs Links: What a Super Bowl

Here's your open thread for today.

Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

Patriots use biggest comeback in Super Bowl history to force overtime -
The Patriots have come back from down 10 in the Super Bowl in the past, but no team has won after facing a bigger deficit.

Roger Goodell was drowned out by boos while presenting Robert Kraft with the Super Bowl trophy -
Patriots fans HATE Goodell.

Robert Kraft started mocking Deflategate seconds after receiving the Lombardi Trophy -
These jokes will never die.

Super Bowl 2017: Matt Ryan couldn’t break an MVP curse to win the Falcons’ first ring -
Matt Ryan joined a list of MVPs who couldn’t get it done in the Super Bowl.

This is what Marshawn Lynch tweeted after the Patriots won a Super Bowl by running from the 2 -
Makes you think!

Roger Goodell had to shake Tom Brady's hand after the Patriots won the Super Bowl -
After the biggest comeback and the first overtime in Super Bowl history, Goodell had to face Brady.

It’s ridiculous Terrell Owens isn’t in the Pro Football Hall of Fame -
Hall of Fame voters continue their dislike for wide receivers.

The Super Bowl in Houston gave Roger Goodell a chance to be human and he blew it -
The commissioner may view the Super Bowl as "an opportunity to be entertained," but he and the NFL are long past sticking to sports.

Super Bowl 2017 final score: highlights, news, and more from Patriots win over Falcons -
The Falcons are looking for a first Super Bowl win, while the Patriots are out for No. 5.

Super Bowl MVP 2017: Tom Brady takes award after historic comeback -
Brady won his fourth Super Bowl MVP and cemented himself as the greatest quarterback of all time.

Super Bowl commercials 2017: Watch all of Sunday's best ads -
Don’t miss any of the Super Bowl commercials that everyone will be talking about Monday.

Julian Edelman's last-minute Super Bowl catch has to be seen to believed -

Super Bowl 2017 final score for Falcons vs. Patriots: New England pulls off historic comeback to win in overtime, 34-28 -
New England erased a 28-3 lead in the final 18 minutes of regulation and won the first Super Bowl to ever require overtime.

Matt Bryant kicking for Tryson - ESPN Video
Matt Bryant's son Tryson was 3 months old when he died of SIDS in 2008. Today, the Falcons kicker will play in Super Bowl LI in Houston, just 90 miles south of where Tryson is buried.

Jones: Fox's Super Bowl game coverage earns an easy A grade | Tampa Bay Times
Great game? Well, that likely depends on who you were rooting for Sunday. Great broadcast? You bet. The Super Bowl likely was viewed by more than 100 million people. That will make it the most-watched TV show of the year. And though we won't all agree on how Fox did with its broadcast, here's one opinion.The game broadcast

Record-setting Brady leads biggest rally as Patriots win Super Bowl | Tampa Bay Times
HOUSTON — The nation was divided. The debate was deafening. But we came together as a people to watch Super Bowl LI on Sunday. Finally, something we all can agree on.