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Michael Bennett blames the Glazers for having to leave the Buccaneers

NFL: Pro Bowl Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

It seems Tampa Bay Buccaneers fans aren’t the only ones who are still hung up on Michael Bennett leaving town for the Seattle Seahawks in 2013. Bennett was the team’s leading pass-rusher in 2012, when the Bucs desperately needed to add defensive ends, and yet they made no real efforts to re-sign him.

Now Bennett told ESPN’s Jenna Laine that he’s still confused about why he had to leave, and that ownership seemed to be a key reason.

"I just feel like the Glazers (Tampa Bay's owners) didn’t like me for some reason," Bennett said. "I didn’t understand why. I always played through injury, I did exactly what they asked me to do but I never understood why I didn’t stay there."

Yeah, you and every other fan was confused about that. Supposedly Mark Dominik wanted to prioritize Da’Quan Bowers’ development, but there still would have been room on the roster for Bennett — and also Bowers turned out to be a bust.

Bennett also told Laine that he thinks he could have won a Super Bowl in Tampa, had he stayed with the Bucs. That seems a little unlikely, to say the least. Bennett’s a good player who was a key part of Seattle’s Super Bowl-winning defense, but he’s not good enough to turn losing teams into Super Bowl winners all by his lonesome.

All of that is now pretty much irrelevant. Bennett is a Seahawk, the Bucs signed Robert Ayers last year and are hoping Noah Spence continues to develop. Hopefully the Glazers won’t get in the way of re-signing him when the time comes.